Who we are...

boyfriend and i met on a Kap Bambino concert and we've been inseparable ever since. we fell in love and became best friends along the way. we lived in different cities for over a year (boyfriend went to school far away from where i did)and are currently living in the same city for a while. then it's back to the old routine we dread so much for one more semester (we never got accustomed to it and it makes us so very sad)

boyfriend and i are the lucky parents of baby Amelia who turned one on october 27th of this year. we are blessed to be her parents and happy to see how our lives changed so much for the good, we are trying to make it work, became a better team, much more delicate and tender and hopeful for the things to come!
parenting is the single most important thing we've ever done and we are enjoying every second of it.
this blog is a personal record of our days, our thoughts and most important: all things Amelia.
thanks for stopping by.