March 16, 2011

Letters to Amelia

Amelia 2 months and a half.

Dear baby:
I never thought I'd love someone the way I love you. You are the single most important thing in my life and I'm glad you came to this world to change my perspective on things and to help me find my way. You have been a true blessing and I'm so excited to see you grow everyday it almost brings me to tears. You're growing up so fast it just breaks my heart that things are running by me and I can't stop and make every one of those moments last an entire lifetime. It's ok though, I'm also excited to see all of the things that are coming soon for us. Daddy is going to be with us soon and we can be a proper family. I know he is also sad he doesn't get to see all the things that are happening right now but soon enough he's going to be here for good and you'll be daddy's girl more so than you are now.
I'm so proud to be your mother and I always will.
I love you tons.


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