March 28, 2011

Rawwr I'm a tiny bear.

Random thoughts by baby A:

  • Grammy made this adorable ADORABLE hat.
  • Thanks to you my head is warmer now in these cold, rainy days and I look so freaking cute no one can resist my charm. 
  • On sunday we celebrated mommy's birthday and me turning 5 months old. I'm growing up so fast.
  • The fever I had from the vaccines is finally gone and I'm still taking advantage of it so my crying gets a little bit out of control from time to time. That's how I get more kisses and attention if that's even possible. 
  • I like drooling and teeths are not showing up anytime soon. Plus I like mommy's frustration when she has to change my pj's because i drooled all over them.
  • Daddy is far far away in Washington D.C.  -Wishing him good luck- And stop falling in the middle of the street and hurting yourself. Please and Thank you.
  • Mommy wont stop complaining about school. It suuuuucks. She needs vacations soon.
  • I refuse to seat by my own.
  • This is a good one: I now like screaming like a crazy person and i looove making cat noises. I'm not sure where this came from but its my new favorite thing along with sticking my tongue out.


  1. so adorable! :)
    love the little hat...too cute!

  2. Ahhhh, so cute!! I love her. And her hat. And her cat noises. And her bib. (and your crazy hair in the background?!). xxo