May 8, 2011

Letters to Amelia: I'm a mommy.

Dear baby:
Today we went out for brunch with grandma and grandpa to celebrate mother's day, but I could not get to actually eating my food but instead i just sat there looking at you. You are the reason why we were there in the first place. YOU made me a mommy.
I would have never imagined being a mommy so young but man oh man am I glad I am. Every day i'm  proud of you and of everything you brought along my way. You gave us a small little family to treasure and love for the rest of our days. You showed us how important it is to stick together no matter what and to be there for each other when we need it. We are a team now and we love it.
Thank you for teaching me how to be gentle and delicate again, and to forget about selfishness and help me focus on the important things. I love spending every second with you. I love you for turning me into a mother, a proud one.

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  1. I loved reading this and Amelia will love reading this when she is older. You are an amazing mommy to an amazing baby and we are all so proud of the three of you. You rock our boat. Love you!!