August 24, 2011

Pretty Faces

Baby A is showing off her pretty teeth everywhere and at every moment, she is such a happy child.
Here are this past week's highlights:
  • I went back to school and about 70% of my first week's classes got cancelled so I got to stay at home with my baby and I'm not exactly complaining about it.
  • Finding THIS treasure and trying out some of it's goodness with boyfriend for dinner when he got home from work.
  • Amelia is all better now. Last week she had a bad case of Le poop. We think it's from teething.
  • Planning her first birthday.  (I'm all over it since last month and it's still 2 months away) Hey! It's never to early to plan, baby's frist birthday, weddings, and all those fun stuff, I always say.
  • Skipping doctor's appointment due to bad weather and instead a whole lot of cuddling.
  • Getting this pretty elephant as a gift.

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