August 8, 2011

We made it boyfriend! We have a kid of our own and it's safe to say she is as weird as we are.
She learnt your goofy dance moves and followed my weird sleeping schedule.
She likes taking naps and screams at the top of her lungs over nothing.
She calls apples "ca".
She had a weird taste in music and likes farting noises.
She likes t.v. just as much as you do and it's actually impossible to get noticed by you both when the t.v. is on.
She scratches her face (guess that one is my fault. oops!)
She likes computers and cell phones waaaaay too much and hates sleeping by herself just like me.
She hated bananas last week and now loves them.
...You get the point.
But you want to know the craziest thing of them all? She is ours.

I love you both to death.

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