September 15, 2011

Thankful list

Today I'm thankful...
For spotting one more tooth on Amelia's mouth.
For having a small warm body next to mine when I wake up in the mornings.
For having tiny hands touching my face and beautiful eyes staring into mine.
For having a hyper baby that from the moment that she wakes up refuses to calm down.
For the play time I have with Amelia and the endless games she makes up that I still don't get. I know think I'm not supposed to.
For date nights with boyfriend and baby.
For turning into a braver, kinder, simpler person when I'm with them.
For Amelia's dorky sense of humor.
For less and less tears from her. She is such a happy baby.
For witnessing a baby yelling back to the radio.
For the cookie crumbles under the high chair that look like they've been there for a month but in all reality are from 5 minutes ago when she decided she wanted to throw her plate.
For Amelia sleeping the night AGAIN. My mood improved 150% since that started happening a week ago. Yay for no grumpy mamma!!
For getting the day off school in the middle of exam week.
For the chaos that my life has turned into. (I've never been organized so a big fat chaos is fine by me.)
For tiny finger prints and smudges on my computer's screen.
For the amazing time that bath time had become. I never would have thought of that moment as such a beautiful bonding time between the 3 of us.
For silly moments playing with water...
Oh how they make me happy.

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  1. What a little sweety! And what a beautiful list of things to be thankful for. I'm so glad you shared this!