September 8, 2011

The wonderfulness of the Quinny Buzz.

Can I get an AMEN?
We purchased the Quinny buzz stroller after months and months of drooling over it. From the moment when new of its existence it was like everyone owned one and took it out to rub it in our face. We used to have a crappy old stroller and we never payed much attention to it because... well, basically it worked just fine and did the trick.
We went several times to the store and hung around making a bizzillion questions about it trying to figure if it was going to work for us.
Then it Happened.
We walked in one day and saw it. The quinny buzz curious colors limited edition.

OH.MY.GOD. It was beautiful. No, it was more than beautiful, It was perfect. I knew it was THE ONE from the moment I saw it but boyfriend was a little hesitant due to the fact that is more expensive than the regular one.
We discussed it and of course I got my way and boyfriend said yes.
Finally, we got it and its been the best purchase we've done so far in regard to baby stuff (Also the biggest expense). From the moment we sat baby A in it she was as in love with it as we were. She laughed and clapped and squeaked from joy. Ahhh, it was a beautiful moment. She loved something that daddy worked so hard to give her. She could not believe her eyes. After the thrill was over, Amelia took a moment in silence to inspect every last detail from the comfyness of her stroller and finally gave a smile in form of approval.
Seriously one of the best days. 

So, after a week of owning this beauty there are a few things I can say about it.
1. It is SO comfortable for the little passenger! Amelia loves to nap in it.
2. Super easy to maneuver and move around.
3. The little diaper bag that comes in the back is THE best. We used to carry an insanely oversized diaper bag with a ton of things we didn't even need or use. Now we get whatever we may need in that small one and it's been working just fine.
4. Super easy to fold and unfold.
5. The design is beautiful and will definitely generate double takes everywhere. (Expect to get asked about it)
6. The chair can be turned around so the baby is facing you. This has been probably the best thing for me since I love to talk to baby A while we are out and about. Also this way I can check she has everything she needs. It has 2 different leves of inclination while the seat is facing the parent and 3 while the baby is facing front.
The only bad thing I have to say about the stroller is that living in a tiny apartment it is a little frustrating trying to store two fairly big parts (The chair and the body) instead of just one.
But hey, I think we might let that one pass because it is definitely worth it.

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  1. I have it too, I love it!
    I saw someone in town with the Zapp in curious colours and nearly exploded with excitement to see someone with similar taste ;-)