November 28, 2011

This week:

I feel like my week revolved around school this week. I can't even remember if I did something other than that. I worked on a HUGE paper i had to turn in school due on thursday and Oh my i can't believe i'm all done with that. All the tears (in case you haven't noticed i'm a bit of a cry baby) and hard work and sleepless nights and i'm-going-to-jump-out-the-window moments payed off. I had the best grades of all my classmates and the book i wrote (yes, i wrote a 100 page book and several small 50 page booklets) will be kept at the university's library as part of their student research collection.
Also, this weekend boyfriend welcomed to town 2 of his best friends which i did not know and what a glad surprise it was. We had a chill afternoon, we had a late lunch date with them and sat at a coffee shop and talked and chilled there for a little bit. the next day we celebrated our anniversary. We had plans to go to a Kings of Convenience concert but instead, boyfriend stayed with Amelia in the morning while i slept, we went out to get some lunch (Amelia tried the tofu and liked it! Woot! Woot!) and then took a nap. (lazy huh?)

*i really i'm trying to remember what we did this week but i can't, something must be wrong with my head, I'm glad i took some pictures.*

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