April 27, 2011

Happy 6 months baby girl!

Guess who is all grown up?
Baby A turned 6 months today and we are HA-PPY. The day went a little bit like this:
A text from daddy woke us up, he was the first person to wish her a happy "month-versary". We stayed in bed up til 10am being lazy and playing. We got up and had some breakfast and went right back to bed. I read to her this amazing book daddy got for us and she loved it. She loves when people read or sing to her she stays still and pays attention. Its adorable, she's so smart and so aware of things going on around her.

We then played with a toy grammy bought for her at Imaginarium Which we LOVE by the way!
Thanks grammy!

After that baby A left with grammy to go to the park while I got stuck back home folding baby clothes. House chores are BO-RING! but its so exciting to see clothes that are now too small for her to wear: SHe's a big baby now.

Finally we did a super quick run through my old sketchbooks and found something Amelia really liked. Maybe she can be a little indian for halloween?

Hope everyone had a good day as well!
Happy wednesday and happy 6 months to you baby!
We love you.

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