July 5, 2011


Thankful for long days as a family and beautiful nights
Thankful for the sunny moments that while short and rare, are deeply appreciated
Thankful for silly moments with boyfriend and him going along with my nonsense
Thankful for both families and the love that made us one
Thankful for being a happy momma and a baby that keeps on surprising us all with each day that goes by
Thankful for lazy days watching movies and eating tons of junk food.
Thankful for good nights of sleep
Thankful for friendship. Near or far, friends that love you will always make you feel like they are right there in your heart
Thankful for having such a great man by my side. I couldn't ask for anything more
And above all thankful for this beautiful eyes, and that gorgeous nose and perfect lips. This tiny monster is the one that keeps me going and taught me to be thankful for the little things, at the end of the day, those are the things that really count.

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