September 21, 2011

Crappy days be gone!

Things to do when you are sick:
Taken out from my listography.

1. Stay in bed staring at the celling.
2. Complain and be in an awful mood.
3. Watch crappy TV.
4. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you need some makeup.
5. Skip the bath and stay in pjs.
6. Read a book. (Something you actually want to read. Not something you HAVE to read.)
6. Skip school
7. Have your favorite soup.
9. Gilmore girls fest. (I'm guilty of liking that show waaaaaay too much)
10. Imagine yourself in a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.
11. Repeat 34456546 times a day you need to go to a spa but never get to it.
12. Drink tea.
13. Cuddle with pillows.
15. Make lists.
16. Listen to Kimya Dawson and to the Portland Cello Project.
17. Try to remember what the outside world looks like.
18. Stare out the window wishing to be outside.
19. Imagine your life if you where famous.
20.  Leave dishes unwashed.
21. Think about painting your nails but don't do it.

Things that cheer me up:

Pretty photographs. 
Everything is illuminated. Such a good book. (Loved the movie as well)

Awesome bikes
Mini toms

Madewell Fall 2011
Beautiful words to live by.

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