September 17, 2011

Things we do/ don't do/ need to do

Silly. Please don't mind my face.
What I love about my days with Amelia:
  • Waking up late (God bless that lazy baby) and cuddling while watching cartoons.
  • Her urge to touch and lick every single thing that she sees.
  • The way she claps and laughs and makes fun of my dancing.
  • Playing with food.
  • For the past week and a half or so she has been crawling like a pro and this is so exciting/exhausting. We constantly have to chase her around to make sure she is doing ok. The good thing is that she gets entertained with every single thing.
  • Going out. Yes, we still aren't over our new stroller. 
  • Our weird sleeping accommodations that only seem to make sense to the two of us.

What we still have to work on:
  • Crying while getting dressed.
  • Refusing to let mamma change the dirty diapers.
  • Not wanting to fall asleep while dad is in the same room. 
  • Steady naping schedule and duration.

What I need to work on:
  • It is no surprise no anyone that knows me fairly good that I get super lazy at nights.
  • Maybe helping boyfriend out with bottle washing from time to time?
  • Look for plans and different stuff for us to do on the weekends as a family. (Maybe start a weekend tradition)
  • Sleeping shortly after Amelia is put down.

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