October 24, 2011

Letters to Amelia: Tiny Baby

Amelia, remember when you where a teeny tiny baby?

You are all grown up now and just days away from your first birthday. WOAH.
I never thought I could be so lucky and so blessed as I am right now. Having a baby to take care of made me realize how much I was in need of something meaningful in my life. And there you came, quietly and so so beautiful to make out lives complete. Thank you for existing and for breathing and for being the amazing person that you are. You have taught me so much about life and my purpose here. I want to make you happy, so very happy every second of your existence and my heart is in so much pain when you cry and when your little body feels pain.
I don't ever want you to feel pain.
I love you
with every fiber of my being I love you so very much.
Happy way too early birthday baby.

Ps. Thank you boyfriend as well, you are and will always be my better half.
Olive juice.

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