October 25, 2011

Our Mornings

Our morning routine is pretty fun (maybe not that much when mamma is sleepy still) but today thas wasn't the case.
We had an AWESOME time when we both woke up.

I'm so lucky to have this little play buddy that makes me laugh when she comes up with random games such as 'Let's take everything out of mommy's purse and fill it with toys instead' and 'Sticking my tongue inside the formula dispenser' or maybe 'Opening it and turning it around making a mess all over the floor because formula is really not THAT expensive'.

We then proceeded to roll over on the floor, play with the Backyardigans' plush dolls and press every botton of every stereo in the house. Let me tell you, those are Amelia's favorite activities in the world along with taking out every single toy she owns and throwing them around. This girl is a messy one. ;)

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