November 1, 2011

Birthday Party Inspiration

This past week we had the luck to see our baby girl turn one and throw her a big birthday bash in the company of all of out closest friends and family (even Amelia's aunt and cousin were there via skype and we loved it) and it was quite an event. I really wanted to make it special, but i wanted it to be more about the company of our loved ones and make it cozy and warm than about the decoration. It was a private celebration with about 27 of our closest friends and family (we have a big family).- 

I never really cared for baby birthday parties before and i will probably tone it down in the future but the first birthday seems to me like SUCH a milestone i felt like i needed to go all out with the celebration. I initially started looking through Pinterest for inspiration but then i got all excited with it and felt like everything i saw i wanted and some of these things were waaaaay out of my crafting skills. Then, I proceeded to look through my embarrassingly big pdf folder of freebies and printables i've gathered over the years and saved up for special occasions and ended up frustrated and overwhelmed with everything (after all this is the first time I planed a) a whole party by myself and b) a baby party. )
*Its not like a had to plan it out all by myself, I did have a lot of people who offered to help but i was really particular about the things i wanted and i kind of had it planned out in my head 6 months ago so i decided to do it all. At the end I accepted some help because I didn't have enough time.*

Mini rant: (If you are not interested you can go ahead and scroll down to de pretty birthday inspiration)
I got this close to just throwing the towel and quitting but i felt really bad to not give my baby a special celebration as i know she deserves. So i kept going and it was not always easy and   just happy times (Thanks to me and my jhsdfgjhds mood) and tears of frustration were shed (again by me) and now looking back I think it was worth every second of it all.
It really was a happy moment for all of us and I'm glad we did it and i am really proud of myself for being strong and being patient and I don't think I have to apologize for my  because sometimes dealing with people is hard and sometimes you don't want to do it but sometimes you just HAVE to. You can't make those people go away. but what you can do is make de best out of the situation.

Now, getting back to the pretty pictures...
I'll try my best to link to every single source but some I don't know where I got, it's been several years since I started saving pdfs and pictures in my computer and sometimes its hard to keep up. If you happen to know where any of this images are from I would greatly appreciate if you inform me so I can link to the proper source.

1. Mini burgers fom The Appetizer Store
2. Party printables found at Hostess With The Mostess
3. Icre Cream Balloons from ?
4. Yummi treats from Party Bliss

2. Cake from ?

1. ?
2. Invitations from Beautiful Ordinary Day
4. Cake from ?

Printable we used on the invites from my favorite blog to get free stuff from. Eat Drink Chic is AMAZING! There is practically everything you might need to print/make yourself/craft for a special occasion or a special someone.

I really do have a lot of other pdfs and links to share with you, but boyfriend just got home from work and Amelia woke up so thats my call. I'll be sure to share later.

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