November 1, 2011

Big Birthday Bash

The top of the cake was made specially for Amelia. It is made from banana and has no sugar or eggs in it. And the bottom and cupcakes are apple and cinnamon. The lady who made the cake is kind of a baking goddess. She sure knows what she's doing. 
Amelia didn't want to sit by herself not even a second, she demanded to be carried around ALL the time.
"A" Shaped cookies. Yummm.
Cupcakes to complement the small cake.
My 2 favorite girls. My mom and my baby.
Table layout.
My dad and the tiny one.
Party details.

This right here almost melted my heart. Baby A took a nap before the party started... She looked so peaceful and calm.

 I kind of went with it and the result was a lot of things that didn't get photographed such as:
-Pink lemonade (Made by me and may I say it was a HUGE hit)
- Mini hamburguers and
- Yummi chocolate covered bananas with cherries.


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