November 8, 2011

The chocolate milkshake from heaven

Found a recipe for frozen hot chocolate on Pinterest the other day and I had to make it. Oh lord was it good. I made some changes though and improvised as I went, I guess you could say I'm not very good at following orders. Throw some ADD to the mix and ta-dah!

My new favorite thing to do at home is to try the awesome recipes I found around the internet to share with boyfriend and the best thing of it all is that he is willing to try everything I make and manages to sound convincing when he says they are delicious.

Already tried:
-Grilled cheese mac n' cheese sandwich
-And the mightiest sandwich of them all: The Flatiron from The grilled cheese academy. (Our favorite web page ever!)
And already planning some others.

So thank you boyfriend for letting me use you as a guinea pig and feed you with all those crazy things I make. I hope that you never get sick and won't want to eat them with me anymore.
love you

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